Sell: JNS at $12.55

Loss: -$19.17
-.009% return    Sold 160 shares of Janus Capital. (JNS) at $12.55/share.

Half a year of holding JNS and it goes nowhere. Although, it did pay a couple dividends ($11.20 and $12.80) that almost made it worth holding onto.

For a future dividend paying stock, I’m watching Invesco; a stock in my price range with a nice 50 cent quarterly dividend.


Sell: RAD at $7.70

Profit: $524.84
18% return    Sold 460 shares of Rite Aid Corp. (RAD) at $7.70/share.

RAD set a new record today for the biggest return on a trade.

In 8 months, Rite Aid has brought in over $1,300 for the ScottStocks portfolio.

Today’s rally comes after Rite Aid announced a 5% increase in last month’s Same Store Sales compared to 2013 April sales. Their new ‘Wellness+‘ program (think: customer loyalty program) is clearly working; and with more stores being remodeled, the growth will continue.

RAD Same Store Sales Increase

The next dip in price, I plan on putting $5,000 into RAD; $2,000 of which will be devoted for long term growth.

While the realized profit is now positive, I’m still down about $100 after unrealized losses.

I’m on the brink of no longer being a stock market loser!

RAD Wins Again

Rite Aid posted another quarter that beat analyst estimates. This is just what the ScottStocks portfolio needed; MDR along with JNS are holding the current portfolio return down at -3%.

It’s sad to think that a couple months ago I was $70 away from breaking even with MDR. It’s now back down -$450.

Here’s a look at RAD yesterday when it opened up 15% giving a gain of $300 the second the market opened. It fell steadily throughout the day, but I expect to sell at $7.30/share in the near future.




And here’s a 14 year look just for fun… (click for larger image)

RAD-14years copy



A $1,000 ‘Correction’

These past few weeks have been rough. The market dropped drastically multiple days with an occasional wimpy rebound. The ScottStocks portfolio was down about $600 during the worst of this ‘correction’ and is now settling around -$300 as the market slowly returns to record highs. JNS has hurt me the most; I would be breaking even right now if I hadn’t bought it right before they released earnings.

Here’s a look at a couple significant days during the past few weeks: