RAD Wins Again

Rite Aid posted another quarter that beat analyst estimates. This is just what the ScottStocks portfolio needed; MDR along with JNS are holding the current portfolio return down at -3%.

It’s sad to think that a couple months ago I was $70 away from breaking even with MDR. It’s now back down -$450.

Here’s a look at RAD yesterday when it opened up 15% giving a gain of $300 the second the market opened. It fell steadily throughout the day, but I expect to sell at $7.30/share in the near future.




And here’s a 14 year look just for fun… (click for larger image)

RAD-14years copy



A $1,000 ‘Correction’

These past few weeks have been rough. The market dropped drastically multiple days with an occasional wimpy rebound. The ScottStocks portfolio was down about $600 during the worst of this ‘correction’ and is now settling around -$300 as the market slowly returns to record highs. JNS has hurt me the most; I would be breaking even right now if I hadn’t bought it right before they released earnings.

Here’s a look at a couple significant days during the past few weeks:





YELP flies, TWTR dives

Twitter Hunt

The recently listed TWTR is showing even more volatility than this roller coaster market we’ve been in the past couple weeks.

The reason for the sell-off? Monthly active user growth is slowing and users aren’t visiting the site as often. Investors have made it clear today that if Twitter can’t keep the strong growth coming, they’ll drop this stock quick…even if quarterly results look good.

YELP also posted quarterly results today, but showed increased monthly active user growth. The monthly benchmark is definitely a main proponent to investor sentiment with these type of technology companies.



ScottStocks 2013 First Year Review

The first year of the ScottStocks blog has ended and the results are in!

I started the first half of the year hesitantly getting back into trading after the JRJC loss; but managed to pull in some nice profits by the end of 2013.

My account didn’t give a percentage return for the year, so I calculated one using data tables from my account activity (I think I’ll name this calculation the ‘Scott-weighted Average‘)

When I ran the calculation, I was surprised to see I beat the S&P500′s 2013 gain of 26%.

With an average of $5,625 invested throughout the year, I ended with a…


Including unrealized gains for current investments, the return is a little over $2,000.

In 2013, I expected the market to drop after already climbing the previous 4 years. Heading into 2014, I need to be even more cautious as we approach an inevitable pull back in the market.


The rise before the tech bubble lasted about 6 years. As for the housing bubble, about 5 years.

There’s no better time than 2014 to BTFATH.


Buy: JNS at $12.74

Purchased 160 shares of Janus Capital Group (JNS) at $12.74/share. Total cost: $2,044.92

A risky move ahead of the earnings announcement tomorrow, yet perfectly timed.


Considering the market was exceptionally good to everyone last year, I’m expecting a great 2013 year from Janus Capital. The only worry I have is whether they over-hedged and missed out on some big profits last quarter.